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Fake Note Detectors :

Kores is the Award Winning Fake Currency Detector. Kores has it all – Design, Style, Compact, Functional. Indian rupees are very challenging when it comes to detecting fake note. The difference between genuine and fake is too little to figure out. Truscan Neo makes it easy for you. Kores is the Award Winning Fake Currency Detector has too many advantages, clearly making it a winner. It has special sensors installed for Indian rupees and scans any currency less than 0.5 sec (half second) with high accuracy. It can detect denomination, version and counterfeit notes instantly in just one go. Kores is ideally suitable for POS, Retail counters, Chains, Super market, Fuel stations, Toll stations, where ever cash jingles.The counterfeit detection is based on UV & MG sensor detections which can detect most Indian Super fake notes in Rs. 1000 & Rs. 500 denominations, besides simple fake notes in other denominations as well.


Third Eye Counterfiet Currency Checker 511 (Fake Note Detector)
Compact & Portable
Powerful, UV light detector
Light for watermark verification
Magnifying glass
Magnetic ink detection sensor
Easy to use